This is how a crypto bot works

Trading with a crypto bot is becoming more and more popular. Maybe you also want to start trading, but you don't know exactly how a crypto bot works. There is at least one big benefitL you don't have to know everything about the bot or about trading, because the bot does most of the work for you. In this article we will explain what you need to know about crypto bots.

Automatic and manual trading

if you trade cryptocurrency without using a crypto bot, you will trade manually. As you need to check out your shares regularly, you will have to spend a lot of time. That's why a lot of people choose for a crypto bot. A crypto bot trades automatically for you following the rules you have set up in the settings.

Although the bot trades automatically, it is still possible to take it over and trade manually (at least with most bots). You just have to change the settings to manual and you can trade by yourself for a while.

The benefits of a crypto bot

As you could read in this article already, a big benefit of using a crypto bot is that it's time-saving. The cryptobot does the work for you automatically, so you don't have to check out your shares all the time. You also don't need to know a lot about trading, as the bot already has the knowledge and it will use this knowledge while trading.

One thing you need to do yourself is setting up the rules. The bot will use these rules while trading. A big advantage is that the bot will always follow these rules. It is not affected by emotions or tiredness, so it won't make human mistakes.

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